5 Fun Facts About Me

I love reading “five fun facts” about other people.  It’s a quick glimpse into the stuff about them that they find most fascinating.  In that spirit, I want to share five fun facts about me that you need to know.  If we’re going to be friends either through this blog, Facebook, or Insta {it’s my fav social place to hang out}, there are some facts that I hope will shape how the world sees me.


  1. I flip back and forth between broccoli and Brussels sprouts being my favourite vegetable.  I think mainly because Brussels sprouts are seasonal so they can’t be my YEAR ROUND fav veggie.  After the birth of each of my kids, I craved broccoli something fierce.  Perhaps I was deficient in Vitamin C and K so I was craving it from different sources but whatever the reason, I threw down more broccoli in the weeks after giving birth than a normal person would eat in an entire year. Also, Brussels sprouts that are pan seared in garlic and ginger is something that everyone should try at least once in their life.
  2. I basically live in yoga pants and plaid shirts with my hair in a messy top bun.  You will almost always find my hair in a messy top bun unless I have plans in which case, I can curl my hair like a pro with a flat iron. It’s one of the perks of working from home and one of the things I do NOT miss about practicing chiropractic each day.  Showing up to adjust people in glorified pyjamas does not seem very professional.
  3. I love to learn.  Podcasts, books, research papers, websites….I devour them all.  My brain works like a card catalogue straight out of a 1985 library.  I can picture opening it up, flipping through cards, taking a long whiff of the wooden pull out drawers.  I love collecting facts and interesting tidbits that can be used in random conversations months or years later.  I come across fascinating details and information that cause me to dive deeper.  I have challenged conventional thinking, especially when it comes to health and lifestyle, since I was in high school.  I don’t accept the response “it’s just the way it is”.
  4. I love early bedtimes and early mornings.  I was always the first to fall asleep at sleepovers and my husband still jokes that if a social engagement goes past 9PM, I won’t attend.  {SERIOUSLY though, why do parties start so late?}  I’m an introvert by nature so I try to snag a couple of hours first thing before sunrise.  With three kids and a husband, this is truly the only time I can have quiet in our home.  I enjoy a mug of hot tea, a good book and some time to journal.
  5. I am a travel junkie with a strong pull to see the world.  I love new languages, different cultures, and I love exploring.  My most audacious dream is to travel as a family for a year so that we can show our kids the corners of the globe.  In the meantime, we take shorter trips either by plane or car as often as possible.  Whether we explore a rainforest or our own backyard, we want our kids to know that a whole world exists beyond the normalcy they see each day.  This past January we took a trip to Costa Rica to ride horses, hike through bio reserves, eat local foods, explore quiet beaches, learn to surf, and so much more.  It sparked an interest in all of us to do more adventurous travel in the future!

I hope this gives you a little glimpse into who I am and what drives me!  I’d love to learn a fun fact about you that I wouldn’t normally know about at first.  Leave a comment below about the most favourite thing about yourself!

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