A Home Health Toolbox

If I could offer you an all-natural option to support your health on a daily basis and be able to use in times of minor health challenges, would that interest you?  Most people give me a resounding yes on this question.  It’s empowering when we have solutions at our finger tips for common family mishaps as well as keeping our families healthy to begin with!

I call this my Home Health Toolbox.  It’s purpose is to help with things like fever, cuts, scrapes, upset tummies, stress, growing pains, sleep issues, colic and more.  This toolbox is a combination of conventional products as well as all natural options.  These are products that I keep in my house at all times!

  • First Aid Kit necessities include band aids, gauze, tweezers, and a tensor bandage.  In addition, I love essential oil products like Correct X (an all natural alternative to Polysporin), Tea Tree oil (antibacterial), OnGuard (i
  • mmune support), and Helichrysum (to help speed healing of cuts, scrapes, etc.).
  • A diffuser (or multiple diffusers) to help with emotional health and warding off infections.
  • Lavender essential oil for bug bites, bee stings, to help with sleep, teething, and to calm skin irritations
  • Peppermint essential oil to help us feel cooler (but not reduce a fever) when we are running a higher than normal
  • Peppermint and ZenGest (DigestZen) essential oils for upset tummies as well as Ginger drops from doTERRA.  When travelling abroad or for use at home, use activated charcoal tablets to help ease stomach upset.
  • Copaiba essential oil is an incredible for pain and inflammation and can also be used safely for teething babies.
  • The Kids Collection from doTERRA are pre-diluted oil rollers for kids that support their both their physical and emotional health.

Having these oils and products on hand for life’s little emergencies AND to keep our family healthy proactively feels awesome.

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular as people choose to take responsibility for their own health.  Unfortunately as a result, many companies are adding essential oils to their product availability but without the due diligence that doTERRA does when it comes to quality and sourcing methods.  A 2018 study by the Aromatic Plant Research Centre (APRC) showed that out of the top 50 essential oil companies in the world, only 3 of them had 100% unadulterated oils. Adulteration of essential oils can mean diluting the product, adding synthetic ingredients, or manipulating the oil with other essential oils that mimic the biochemistry of the essential oil being marketed.   One reason I chose to partner with doTERRA is because I could trust the quality and they were one of the three companies that did in fact have 100% purity when it came to their oils.

Interested in learning more or getting started with dōTERRA?  Check out more HERE.

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