About Me

Hey there! My name is Andrea and I am so thrilled that we’re connecting on my site!

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A few fun things you should know about me…

  • I’m a Mama to 3 fabulous kids
  • I practiced Chiropractic for fifteen years and in 2017 left a family-focused practice that I owned alongside my husband to focus full time on my dōTERRA business and online mentoring
  • A good morning for me starts before dawn and includes movement, journalling, reading and a cup of chai tea. Intrigued? Learn more about my Power Hour here.
  • I am slightly obsessed with flannel shirts (that’s the Canadiana in me)
  • I firmly believe that making daily intentional choices, when done consistently, will completely shift how you function and feel….and you will create better health for yourself.

My passion is guiding women towards better health for themselves and their families.
Welcome. It’s really great to have you here!

Ready to get started?
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Bringing Essential Oils Into Your Home

Looking to enhance the health of you or your family? When we started using the essential oils and products from doTERRA, it radical shifted how we took care of our health. We already had good health to begin with but this added even more options for us.

Discover more about essential oils and your options to get started with dōTERRA by clicking over to my Essential Oils Page.