Essential Oil Basics

Are you ready to bring essential oils into your home for you and your family? It’s no secret they have gained popularity in the last decade. Most people I speak with are ready to have an all natural solution in their home that they can use for many, if not most of, their family’s health challenges.

Essential Oils have become a staple in my family’s toolbox of health care and self care options. As we moved towards creating a cleaner, non-toxic environment for our family to live, we chose certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that give us peace of mind when using them with our kids.

We use essential oils for…

  • our homemade cleaning products
  • our homemade body care products
  • to enhance the flavour of our meals
  • to create non-toxic aromas in our home
  • to support our physical health & emotional well-being

So what are essential oils? Technically, they are natural aromatic compounds. They are found in the flowers, seeds, barks, leaves, resin, stems, roots and other parts of plants. Highly concentrated, they are powerful and can be incredibly safe and effective if used correctly to support the health of individuals.

Oh yes, my friends, there IS a difference.

Just like there is a difference in the quality of your food, there is a difference in the quality of your essential oils. In other words, purchasing essential oils from a health food store, Walmart, or other online or retail establishments, you may not be getting what you think you are paying for. Most essential oil companies use fillers, additives or chemicals to make their products smell like essential oils…but sadly their quality is just not the same.

  • dōTERRA sources their oils from all over the world, only sourcing plants from their native environment. This significantly increases the therapeutic benefit of the oil for you and your family
  • dōTERRA works with the growers and harvesters who for generations, have passed down their knowledge of how to cultivate exceptional quality plants for essential oils
  • dōTERRA refuses to compromise quality for profit. They will only grow and source sustainably and if a crop is in danger, they will temporarily remove that oil from the market until it can once again be sourced responsibly
  • dōTERRA tests their oils nine different ways to ensure their quality and then those oils are further tested by a third party for further examination. Also, every single batch is tested!
  • dōTERRA’s oils are 100% pure, meaning they are exactly what it says on the bottle. No fillers, additives, pesticides, herbicides, or anything other than pure essential oil.
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And lastly….

when you get started with me in doTERRA, you get me. I’m here to help you use your essential oils safely and effectively. We will set up a wellness plan for your oils (for both you and any family members who will be using them). You’ll receive a Welcome Gift from me with essential oil swag and samples to get you started. You can join our fabulous Facebook community where you can ask questions and join in great conversations about essential oils. You automatically go on my VIP Customer Email list with lots of great tips and special access to content for my customers only. So much love and content is showered on you for as long as we are working together!

Ready to get started?

Starter Kits

So, essential oils have piqued your interest and you’re ready to dive in. Awesome, let’s do this! {Still need a little more before you make the decision? Check out my EVENTS page for my next webinar or event near you!}

dōTERRA offers a range of options that fit everyone’s needs and budgets. A wholesale membership with dōTERRA is similar to a Costco membership. It is $42 (in Canada, $35 in USA) and this offers you 25% off all of the products dōTERRA has for one whole year. If you choose to renew your membership, it’s only $30 CAD ($25 US) and you receive a FREE bottle of Peppermint as a thank you!

Here’s the best part – if you begin with a Starter Kit, that membership fee is waived! Yup, that $42 membership is included in the prices listed below!

Let’s take a look at the amazing kits that you can get started with.

Nature’s Solutions Kit

This is, hands down, my favourite kit. It’s the perfect kit for anyone who wants to really shift their health and start off running.

You get 12 bottles of essential oil singles and blends to support your immunity, stress, sleep, focus, digestive, and muscular health. This kit also includes the most incredible nutritional support with the Life Long Vitality supplements and Terrazyme digestive enzymes. There’s some of my favs from the OnGuard product line and the Deep Blue rub. Top it off with a few other products, a wooden storage box and a Lumo diffuser…this kit

literally is the first step for anyone who wants to completely make over their health. PLUS you not only get to skip to 15% back in free product every time you order (instead of starting at 10%) BUT you also can get 100 free product credits your second month with a qualifying order!

Kit Price: $600.00
Save: $163.00 below wholesale price
100 free product credits (worth about $130 CAD)

Every Oil Kit

Second runner up on my favourite kits is the Every Oil Kit. Wish you could simply start with them all? Or are you seriously considering the business and want to hit the ground running? This kit is for you. You literally get every single oil doTERRA offers. 77 essential oil singles and blends to give you a solution for the physical and emotional concerns you and your family have. As well, a beautiful carrying case, a Lumo diffuser and fractionated

coconut oil to help you use those oils in every way possible. Not only do you jump to 20% back in rewards points each month you order after BUT you qualify for 200 FREE product credits!

Kit Price: $1975.00
Save: $372.25 below wholesale price
200 FREE product credits (worth about $260 CAD)

Home Essentials Kit

Are you ready to get started and want to make sure that at the very least, you have your health care concerns covered? This kit is a GREAT choice for families who want to start their essential oil collection with the top ten most popular essential oils (in 250 drop/15 mL bottles) and the ever popular Petal diffuser.

Kit Price: $330.00
Save: $87.25 below wholesale price

AromaTouch Diffused Kit

The kit for any family who wants to get started on essential oils but keep their budget in mind. You receive 8 oils in 85 drop bottles (5 mL), fractionated coconut oil, and a Petal diffuser.

Kit Price: $180.00
Save: $54.35 below wholesale price

Looking for a different kit?

There are a few more options that you can check out HERE!

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