Fall Rituals + Routines



Autumn is always my favourite season.  It’s the start of jeans, sweaters, wool socks and plaid shirts.  It’s socially acceptable to drink tea more than twice a day {I’m not the only one, right?}.  It’s time for soups, stews, and all things crock pot.  Oh yes, fall definitely makes me happy.


If you’re struggling with the memory of summer, I would love to share the rituals and routines that help our family live more fluidly when we move into September.  The rituals take very little time and actually end of saving me time and stress each week.



  • Wake up an hour before the rest of my family.  For me, this is between 5 and 5:30 AM.  I use this time to start my diffusers, meditate, stretch, focus on gratitude, read, and enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Healthy family breakfast with conversations around what my kids’ want their days to look like.
  • Kids off to school in time.
  • A 30 minute workout that makes me sweat followed by a shower.
  • Diffusers refilled and on 20 minutes before kids are expected home from school.
  • School bags unpacked, lunch boxes cleaned, permission forms signed and back in school bags, overview of homework if kids need help.
  • Family dinner conversations about our days.
  • Kitchen cleaned, lunches made and diffusers filled before going to bed.



  • Sunday is our day for family bonding and getting some chores done around the house.
  • Meal Planning + Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Prep by cleaning and cutting veggies for school lunches, baking, pre-cooking proteins, and making broth or soup.
  • Laundry is the responsibility of each kid and if done once a week, reduces stress on wondering where clothes are.
  • Review Family Calendar on Sunday nights so the week is planned for.


Creating routines in our family’s schedule keeps us organized.  If this seems overwhelming to you, pick one thing to implement each week.  By consciously carving out time in your schedule, it allows you to run your life instead of allowing your life to run you.

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