Green Living

When we had kids, we started to make an even bigger shift that we already had towards cleaner, greener ways of living our life. We wanted to start with creating a better environment for our family (especially considering at that time, our kids would lick furniture and spend most of their days playing on our floor) and over time move towards our impact on our environment around us.

Bringing Essential Oils Into Your Home

Looking to enhance the health of you or your family? When we started using the essential oils and products from doTERRA, it radical shifted how we took care of our health. We already had good health to begin with but this added even more options for us.

Discover more about essential oils and your options to get started with dōTERRA by clicking over to my Essential Oils Page.

Depositphotos_193234954_purple watercolour

My favourite part of focusing on green living was the simplicity of it all. Which may seem contradictory because there was a learning curve in the beginning. BUT when we realized that 90% of what we would clean our home with used the same four ingredients…it was life changing!

We made over most of our cleaning cabinet with some simple supplies – water, vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. A few cute glass spray bottles (because nothing says homemade like beautiful glass bottles) and we were good to go!