Health: How you Feel + Function {not how you look naked}

In a time where influencers are telling us how to eat and move to look better in a bathing suit, I get inspired by choosing lifestyle choices that allow me to not just feel but function better.

  • moving my body daily because it increases my strength, mobility + flexibility
  • drinking water because it keeps me hydrated
  • choosing to eat foods not for how I look in a bathing suit but for how they nourish my body
  • choosing health + self care practices that support my belief that health is my responsibility and not in the hands of an expert
  • playing more + finding joy daily
  • looking at health as a whole: physical, mental, emotional + spiritual
  • turning inwards for cues from my body for what it needs
  • trusting in my innate intelligence + instincts that I know what is right for me

If you read my post about how I lost 20 pounds, you will see the real story is how it made me feel.  I slept better.  I moved easier.  I had less discomfort. I had more energy.  The message wasn’t that I looked better EVEN if the catalyst was a photo of me that made me cringe.  I realize how much better my life is when I’m healthy.  That is why I choose to focus on it myself and choose to share what I learn with others.

Health and lifestyle choices that help us live our life better.  So, drink a big glass of water and lace up your sneaks.   Head out for a walk and make it even better by finding a forest to wander through.  Take some time to ask yourself what feels right for you this year.  What is your body asking you to focus on?  What does it crave?   What does it need less of?  Listening to what our body is telling us is one of the greatest skills we can cultivate.  Your mind and body will thank you for it.


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