My Travel Essentials

Hey there….how are you?  So awesome to connect today.  ✨ I’ve been on the road a lot lately.  Two weeks ago I was down in Salt Lake City with some amazing people, celebrating and learning at the annual doTERRA Convention and then this past weekend I was travelling all over Nova Scotia with a night also in New Brunswick, teaching some equally amazing people all about the goodness of essential oils.   In the coming two months I’ll be in Vancouver, London, Cambridge, Fort St John, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec, and a few other cities along the way.  Pretty fun, right?  Yup, I’m pretty excited too.

With travelling comes different circumstances than my normal life has.  I’m away from home which means I don’t have my family or my favourite pillow {level of importance in that order, of course}.  Also, travelling comes with long days, late nights, early mornings, lots of driving {21 hours alone this past weekend!} which means lots of sitting, modified from usual food choices, new beds, and my all time favourite of being exposed to recycled air on the plane.  That last one can be a doozy, especially if there are quite a number of people who aren’t in their most healthy state.

What if I told you I have an easy and awesome solution to travel challenges?  Would that be be worth it for your next trip?  In these last two weeks, I have been so grateful to have my essential oils with me.  On the plane.  On the road.  In my hotel rooms.  In the homes I’m staying in with friends.  And every moment in-between.  Here’s my Travel Essentials + Routine for staying healthy while away from home.



  1. Essential Oils for the Win.  These are an absolute must on any trip, even if only away for one overnight.  I bring my AromaLite diffuser {compact and lasts up to 8 hours}, OnGuard for immune support {oil for the diffuser, roller bottle and beadlets for while on the plane}, Purify {to clean the air in any room I’m sleeping in}, Peppermint {keeps me alert and my breath fresh}, PastTense {good for neck tension while on long flights and car rides}, Lemon {freshen my water and give me a clean start to the day}, Frankincense/Balance/Serenity {my superstar combo for a restful night’s sleep}, InTune {keeps me focused}, and a few other favs based on my mood.
  2. Life Long Vitality.  See that vitamin snap case in that pic?  That houses the supplements I take each day.  A high quality fish oil, cellular health complex, and food nutrient complex that are packed full of nutrients and essential oils to keep me healthy, my energy high, and my body functioning well.
  3. Water.  Short of a couple stops at Starbucks here and there, I keep a glass bottle in my carry on or purse to keep me hydrated.  Especially with flying, which tends to dehydrate us all, I am constantly drinking water while travelling.
  4. Routine.  Aye, this is a hard one.  I do try to keep to my normal routine as much as I can, even if it’s small steps through the day.  Meditation or journalling in the morning, going for a walk {regardless of how short it is}, working out, eating as well as I can, etc.
  5. Connecting with Family.  The hardest part for me about travelling is not being with my husband and my kids.  I am in contact with them through text, FaceTime, and phone calls as often as possible.  I just love hearing their voices and finding out about their day.

That’s it!  Life on the road does’t have to equate to stress + break down of health.  Simply adding in these few tips to your day will make it go so much easier.



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