Three Steps to a Tidier Home

There’s no better feeling that walking into my kitchen first thing in the morning and it being not only tidy but clean.  It is, hands down, the best feeling at the start of a day.


I committed to a few small changes a year ago.  These changes were designed to keep our home tidy and me sane.  Honestly.  The stress I felt as I walked through our home, and saw piles of random things, was beginning to gnaw at me.  Was I perfect through the year?  No.  We did some renovations in our home and there were times when it would literally be impossible to keep everything clean.  However, for the times that we did keep up with it, it has been life changing.


The one minute rule. 

The first tip I took was from Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project.  If you are faced with a task that takes less than one minute to accomplish, do it immediately.

  • taking the trash or recycling to the garage
  • taking a sweater from the staircase to the owner’s rightful closet
  • cleaning the dish or mug you just used
  • wiping down the sink and countertop after brushing your teeth
  • storing something away instead of letting it sit at the door to the basement steps
  • watering a plant that needs it


The ten minute rule.

I adapted the one minute rule and extended it to ten minutes, three times a day.  Once in the morning, noon and right before bed, I walk around our home and tidy.  

  • place pillows that are on the ground back on the couches
  • fold blankets and place on couch or in storage
  • tidy the entry areas to our home so that shoes/boots are lined up, jackets are hung and gloves/hats/caps are stored neatly
  • quick wipe down of countertops
  • refill diffusers with water + essential oils
  • tidy surfaces in main living areas


The before bed rule.

The ten minute rule at night is focused on the kitchen.  I love early mornings that are quiet, intimate, and designed to set the tone for my day.  If I walk downstairs to find a kitchen in disarray, I start my day feeling frustrated instead of happy.  So, thanks to Ange Peters, I focus on cleaning the kitchen before going to bed at night.


  • dishes cleaned and put away
  • countertops wiped down and clear of clutter
  • floor swept
  • dish scrubbers set to dry overnight with a drop of Lemon essential oil to freshen
  • garbage, recycling + compost emptied and in garage
  • drop of Lemongrass essential oil in bottom of garbage and compost containers with fresh bags inside
  • tea kettle full
  • diffusers full and with citrus + mint essential oils added in {just need to press ON first thing}


What do you think out of all of these tips would be the most easy to implement in your life?


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