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There is a reason you ended up here.  You’re looking for something more. It may be that you’re looking for a second start for you or your family’s health. It may be that you’re ready to take on a new biz opportunity because you’re ready to take your future into your own hands.

I have some suggestions for how I can help you.

Bringing Essential Oils Into Your Home

Looking to enhance the health of you or your family? When we started using the essential oils and products from doTERRA, it radical shifted how we took care of our health. We already had good health to begin with but this added even more options for us.

Discover more about essential oils and your options to get started with doTERRA by clicking over to my Essential Oils Page.

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Interested in the dōTERRA Biz?

Wanting to learn more about what’s involved with building a successful doTERRA business?  I can talk to you about all the steps involved for building a doTERRA business but what I’ve learned is that it takes a special type of person who can make it successful.  The magic is truly in WHO you are that defines whether one does well. Let me ask you a few questions….

  • Are you looking for something to add a spark into your life?
  • Are you passionate about helping others?
  • Are you self-motivated, self-directed, and willing to work?
  • Are you positive and inspiring to others?
  • Do you work well with others?
  • Do you live your life and lead from your heart?
  • Are you looking for additional income?
  • Are you committed to yourself and your goals?


If you answered YES to the questions above, my friend, I think you should look at dōTERRA as an opportunity for you.  

Our team, Team Oil Love, is a passionate group of people who are educating and empowering families all over the world. We teach about bringing natural solutions into our homes. We teach people how to reduce toxins in their homes by making better choices. We show how to use essential oils safely and effectively in their homes and with their families. It is incredibly rewarding and brings more into your life than you can ever imagine. The ability to travel, the opportunity to give back, the ability to do service trips in developing countries, the ability to gain financial freedom for yourself, the ability to help others gain financial freedom, and so much more. This company is run by a phenomenal team of Executives who have our success at heart. They lead with integrity and have a great responsibility to not only their employees but also to those they have built relationships with all over the world where doTERRA sources their oils from.

Why would you want to work with Team Oil Love?

Well, first and foremost, let me assure you that we are an INCREDIBLE group of lady bosses who are fun to be around! Yes, we all work on our own and carve our own paths but we also get together regularly online and in person.

Here’s a taste of what Team Oil Love offers….

Facebook Group – An exclusive group just for our team that provides sage business advice, inspiration, and a safe space to ask questions as you grow your business!

Launch Your Biz Program – Every month we host a Launch Your Biz program that is guided by 2-3 of our Leaders who have paved the road ahead of you. This is a six week FB group where you will have group and leader accountability to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to successfully get your business started.

Self Directed Business Launch – Want to learn at your own speed, this is perfect for you. Your own online launch program where you can learn all about the doTERRA business when you’re ready.

Weekly Monday Morning Motivation Calls– join me with another successful + inspiring leader in doTERRA for a (recorded) half hour call at 11:30 am EST. Learn about their doTERRA journey, their highs and lows, their tangible tips on how to get to a successful place in doTERRA, and more.

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Video Content on Tips for Building a Successful Business – our top leaders have created valuable video content on how the ins and outs of business basics all the way to high level strategy for success.

Monthly Team Trainings – Each month we have an online team trainings and and four times a year, we have an in-person team training in Barrie, Ontario.

Customer Website – We have a fabulous Customer website that acts as a resource to help your customers understand more about doTERRA essential oils and products.

So much goodness! And we are always adding more value to our team with social get togethers and meet-ups at all Corporate events!

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Ready to get started?
Join me on my next webinar all about how to get started in the dōTERRA biz. Registration is at this link!

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Are you looking to add something more into your health practice? dōTERRA can offer something incredible to your a practice, offering both holistic health and self care options options for your patients AND another revenue stream for you. Click through to HERE to learn more.

When I first started to consider the doTERRA business seriously, I was a practicing Chiropractor. In the beginning, I didn’t even want to look at a network marketing opportunity because quite frankly, I had a lot of pre-conceived ideas as to what network marketing was.

  • not sustainable
  • can’t make money long term
  • smarmy
  • “flash in a pan” scheme
  • and bigger than that….is it betraying my professional position if I start a network marketing opportunity?


I had a lot of judgements about network marketing before I got started with dōTERRA. When I began, I was very quiet about it. Over time, as my confidence in the product, the company and the opportunity grew, I realized that in fact, this WAS a sustainable and profitable business for me. So much so, that after fifteen years in practice, I chose to leave our successful Chiropractic practice that my husband and I had to focus full time on dōTERRA.

Introducing dōTERRA into your practice could look differently to different practitioners. Perhaps, you only want to highlight essential oils as products for purchase in your practice. You may wish to host or teach an essential oils class in your office on a regular basis. Or perhaps you are interested in looking more deeply into the business opportunity for yourself. Whatever that looks like for you, I would love the opportunity to connect with you to discuss your options.

Want to learn a bit more about how to introduce dōTERRA into your practice? I’ll send you a ten minute video all about dōTERRA for professionals…just click this link to get it delivered to your inbox today.